All The Tools You Need To "Live A Life of Wonder."™

Certified High Performance Coaching™ is a 12 week interactive and science based coaching program that includes sessions with the option to record, curriculum including exercises and challenges to help you in forming new habits, and implementation notes from our high performance sessions. Coaching is kicked off with a high performance strategy session that dives into why you want to be coached and to give you takeaways on the very first day.

Do You Feel Afraid and Frustrated?

Yet, You are Hungry to Do More, Be More, and Make Progress Towards Your Goals?

What if you started acting on your dreams about making a bigger difference in the world?


How Do You Transform From Afraid to Adventurous?

WHAT: Improving Your Levels of: Clarity, Productivity, Courage, Influence, and Energy

HOW: Through structured, guided, and confidential high performance coaching.

WHEN going through the motions just doesn't cut it any more. When it's not okay to feel resigned any more.

NEXT STEPS: Book a strategy call with Dean Jacobs where you will be coached to key takeaways to gain immediate traction. You will have at least 5 takeaways to take immediate action on that will change how you show up in life.

Life is supposed to be an adventure!

- An enthusiastic journey of discovery! 

I don't know what your adventure is, but it's waiting for you. 

People often ask me, " How did you do it?"  

"Well," I would reply, " I picked up the phone and said I was leaving."

But really, what they were asking me was, how to did I find the courage to follow my dreams and travel the world for two years through 28 countries?  How did I have the clarity to know that it's what I really wanted to do?  How did I find and maintain the energy to carry it through?

These are the real questions.

I can tell you what I did or I can coach you to find it for yourself.

To coach you through the habits the most successful people in the world use, so you can: "Live a Life of Wonder!"™ 



It's Your Time!

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Ken Louise - Business Owner

"If you ever get the chance to coach with Dean Jacobs, do it. He will help you move forward and make progress towards your goals and dreams. Besides his sense of humor, which I always enjoy, he also has the insights and perspective you look for in a coach. I learned something valuable in every session." 

Jane Doe

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